Marlowe Lane




In-Home Consultation

During the in-home consultation we discuss options for your area, décor styles and colors for what you are wanting. We will provide suggestions for furniture and decor as well as guidance on places to shop, existing furniture placement, paint, overall design and flow of space, art placement, etc. You can either decide to work with the suggestions and complete the design on your own, or we can provide further design, shopping, and/or installation services for you. Please see below. 

TIME: (90-120 Min on Average)




Mood Board Design (1 Room)

This is the best option if you’d prefer us to design one room and send you a visualization mood board with all product links so that you can execute and decorate on your own time and budget.  We will provide a mood board with pictures of all of the products, links to the products so that you can purchase, as well as description of why we chose them for your space.  Products will typically include furniture, paint, light fixtures, curtains, textiles, décor, area rug, etc. 




Full Service Design

We can help you design, purchase, and decorate your room for you without you having to lift a finger! We will agree on all of the major purchases to ensure you are happy with the design prior to executing. We will shop, purchase, and bring a ton of décor options for the install day to ensure that you like the finished product. Depending on the size of the makeover, we will also put together a mood board for the room so that you can get a visualization of all of the major products and how they will go together. Once we see the space at the in-home consultation, we will be able to provide you an estimated budget breakdown of what I think it would require as far as time and money go so that you can make the decision what you would like to do. 

  • Includes Design, Shopping, and Installation Services